At Paw Prints we want your loved family members to get the pampering they deserve!

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Before and After

This is one of our clients after their make-over.

When you book your dog into our grooming salon we will organise a set time with you, after which we will need your dog for approximately two hours while they receive our groomers' undivided attention. During this time they will get their salon bath and dry, nails, ears, coat conditioning and clip, and our groom.

We are happy to discuss your wants and needs, and we will be only too pleased to help with your decision regarding what suits your family.

As soon as your dog has had their "make-over" we will call you. You can choose to pick them up straight away, or you are welcome to leave them with us for the day if required.

We are proud users of Oakwood, Fuzz Yard and The Stuff grooming products. Please call us for your individual needs and appointments.

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